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About Us
Natural, caring health solutions for the horse you love!


kateI like to think of hands as simultaneously the most high-tech and the most low-tech tool we have available. For most, hands are a natural part of the body, something we are born with and learn to use soon after. But they are also filled with thousands of nerves that provide us with a flood of information: temperature, texture, resistance, and/or pain. When I work with your equine, my hands tell me about coat and skin condition, the presence (or lack of) heat, if a muscle is too tight or underdeveloped, etc. My hands and fingers provide a close connection; they help me feel the flow of energy and the vibrations of the body . Through massage, I can utilize my "high tech/low tech tools" to directly support the soft tissues, including muscles, skin, and fascia, while indirectly supporting other systems such as internal organs, respiration, digestion, joint health, and skeletal support. 

The primary goal of massage is to decrease muscular tension. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased recovery time between workouts, through the removal of metabolic waste products;
  • Decreased post-workout discomfort, through the release of endorphins;
  • Decreased chance of stress-related injuries, through the lengthening of muscle fibers;
  • Stimulation of lymphatic system, through improved immune function;
  • Prevention of chronic conditions, through regular monitoring and early detection.

Massage also provides support for internal systems:

  • Improves heart health;
  • Relaxes intestinal muscles;
  • Improves joint flexibility;
  • Relieves pain;
  • Improves respiration;
  • Cleanses metabolic waste;
  • Improves coat quality;
  • Improves alignment of the spine without force.